Clinton Blankenbaker and school board member

Principal Clinton Blankenbaker

Mr. Clinton Blankenbaker is proud to be a staff member at Salem Community Schools.  Being fortunate enough to work with a great group of educators and staff members is a privilege that he does not take for granted. 

Mr. Blankenbaker is a 2003 graduate of Salem High School and proud to call Salem my home.  His wife, Mariah (Purkhiser) also graduated from Salem High School (2005) and then earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Indiana University Southeast. They have been blessed with two children. Kason was born in 2011, and Keeley, in 2013.  Both of their children are current students at Bradie Shrum Elementary.  They enjoy attending sporting events, kayaking, hiking, and spending time with our friends and family.  They are excited to raise their children in a community that provides as many opportunities for growth as you are willing to pursue.

Mr. Blankenbaker became an Assistant Principal at Bradie Shrum Elementary in 2020-2021. He began his educator experience at East Washington Elementary, where he taught seven years all in the third grade.  He made a decision to become an educator while attending Salem High School.  He pursued his goals by attending Hanover College and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education at Indiana University Southeast.  After teaching for five years, he decided to continue his own education and pursue a graduate degree in Education Administration through Ball State University.  He earned a Master’s Degree in Education Administration in 2015 but decided to continue teaching in the classroom to gather more experience.

In 2017, he applied for the Assistant Principal position at Salem Middle School and was honored to accept the offer allowing him to return to his alma mater and help guide the youth in his very own community.  After working three years at Salem Middle School and gaining a wealth of knowledge from our staff and students, he feels even more confident with the opportunities he has been presented.  Salem Community Schools is a wonderful corporation and a place where he is thankful to have grown in and continue to raise his own children.