Librarian Jamie Malloy with Book Vending Machine

Hoping to fuel a love of reading, librarian Jamie Malloy unveiled the Book Vending Machine on Sept. 1 at Bradie Shrum Elementary School. 

“I hope to get a book in every kid's hand by the end of this year,” said Malloy. 

Malloy had the idea of a Book Vending Machine back in May. A friend and co-worker, Brooke Ingram, helped her begin the process by setting her up on DonorsChoose. 

“The Book Vending Machine cost close to $6,000 dollars,” Malloy said, “I was afraid we would never reach our goal.” However, a few weeks later, thanks to the help of DonorsChoose, Jean’s Excursions, Tri Kappa, The Salem Education Foundation, and Dollar General, Malloy met her goal and began to work with Global Vending to design the machine. The last donor was individuals from the community.

“I cried when I heard that we met our goal,” Malloy said, ‘they were definitely tears of joy.”  It took a few months to get the correct design and to get the Book Vending Machine delivered but now that it is here Malloy is very excited to get the kids using it.

The Book Vending Machine uses tokens in order to get a book. On their birthdays the kids receive a token to get a book of their choice. Another way kids can get a book is from their teachers in the classroom or in their library class. The Book Vending Machine only needs one token in order to receive a book and does not take money. 

“I want to add to kids’ libraries or at least start one with the Book Vending Machine,” Malloy said.