What lens did you use today? Did you find Science in the crystals formed from the cold? Art in the trees? Even when a teacher didn't assign it, the world is giving us lessons! Thank you parents and caregivers for partnering with us to keep our children learning. We'll see you Monday BSE ๐Ÿคž!
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Can you guess these BSE yearbook photos? ๐Ÿ‘ this post & Follow BSE to be entered to win! Winner must correctly identify these 3 staff #tbt pics when notified directly for student order. Don't forget yearbook sales are still open! #freesmiles #FebFunAPalooza @SalemComSchools
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Yearbook 2
On this National Act of Kindness Day, we encourage our students to keep spreading kindness at home like we have seen at school! "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." #LionPride #FreeSmiles #BestofBSE @SalemComSchools
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I in kindness
Sharing love today to our hard-working BSE staff in instruction, food services, facilities, and operations! Our students decorated the halls with why they love BSE and your names were highlighted on too many ๐Ÿ’• to count. You make Salem Schools special! #FebFunAPalooza #FreeSmiles
almost 2 years ago, Jen Lawyer
Reserve your copy from this history-making year! Yearbook orders are being accepted now. Ordering is available until March 19. Visit www.inter-state.com/yearbook with code 53881D to order online, or return flyer with $13 to BSE. #LionPride #BestofBSE @SalemComSchools
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In a year when "distance" is the buzz, Mrs. Kinney's class has learned the art of staying "close." 14 of her 17 students have already participated in writing letters to a former classmate, turned penpal, who moved to Arizona in the middle of the year. Nothing beats an old fashioned ๐ŸŒ mail surprise! #FreeSmiles #FinsUpFinsForward
almost 2 years ago, Jen Lawyer
BSE "silver lining" superstars keep rolling in! We are proud of your optimism Ellie Richards, Ella Perry, Ava Partin, Johnathon Jensen, & Sterling Tefft. "We rise by lifting others!" #FebFunAPalooza #FreeSmiles #FinsUpFinsForward @SalemComSchools
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Silver lining 2
Harry Potter is in the ๐Ÿก! Mr. Cobb is always surprising his 5th graders with fun ways to learn. #FreeSmiles #FebFunAPalooza #FinsUpFinsForward @SalemComSchools
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HP 1
HP 2
Hp 3
HP 4
Life on the BSE frontier was pretty sweet today--homemade butter and ๐Ÿฅž, cornhusk dolls, and STEM activities were all part of a day in the life of 4th grade with Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Fields. #FreeSmiles #FebFunAPalooza #FinsUpFinsForward @SalemComSchools
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Is your glass half-full or half-empty? These BSE superstars can help you "find the silver lining!" Teachers are nominating students this month who exemplify positive attitude, and they are entered in a drawing to win a Salem sweatshirt. Thank you to Mosier Chiropractic and Lincks for the generous donation to our students. Keep shining Callea Cooper, Isabella Barber, Christopher Baumgardener, and Tara Leigh Ury-Setser! #FinsUpFinsForward #FebFunAPalooza
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SilverLining Winners #1
BSE is 100 days smarter (+1 because of snow) and it was time to celebrate! K kids searched for 100 in the mystery with Agent 99, Online Lions marked the day with creative items in the house, and 5th grade honored the 1,000th day of learning and growth as a student since Kindergarten. Thank you to parents for supporting your child(ren) in their academic growth at BSE! #FebFunAPalooza #FinsUpFinsForward
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100 nerf
100 ceiling
Groovy! Superstars in Mrs.Jerrell's and Mrs.Irwin's class made a lava lamp using instructions they read on epic! for kids. Far out Room 201! #BestofBSE #SalemSTEM @epic4kids @SalemComSchools
almost 2 years ago, Jen Lawyer
Mrs. Burris and Mrs. Leis' class show off their fish bookmarks after earning the highest scores for online Art lessons for Mrs. Roberts (all classes in grades 3-5). Way to go Room 303! #FinsUpFinsForward #BestofBSE @SalemComSchools
almost 2 years ago, Jen Lawyer
Our hearts are full after seeing our students and families tonight! Thank you for coming out to share in this experience with us. We hope that everyone had a wonderful time!
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cafe snowmen
xmas bus
santa and mrs.claus
BSE xmas
Today's reading is early! You don't want to miss Mrs. Malloy reading "Bear Stays Up for Christmas" or the fun at BSE from 6-7:30pm. Enter the Holiday Drive-Thru on Harrison St. and enjoy the story by clicking here: http://bit.ly/3gV8BRE #BSEHolidayStoryTime @SalemComSchools
almost 2 years ago, Jen Lawyer
Malloy Holiday Reading
Mr. Blankenbaker's trading in his traffic batons for books tonight, as he reads, Rockstar Santa๐ŸŽ…. Tune in at 7pm for his turn at #BSEHolidayStoryTime. Thank you @Scholastic for the chance to share! #BestofBSE @SalemComSchools
almost 2 years ago, Jen Lawyer
Rockstar Santa
Special Bonus Holiday reading! Thank you Ms. Nale, SHS Spanish teacher, Salem Alum, and daughter to our own Mrs. Nale, for sharing Es Nochebuena! Click on the link: https://bit.ly/3qVGfex to enjoy๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„! #bsehappyholidays #BestofBSE @SalemComSchools
almost 2 years ago, Jen Lawyer
Ms. Nale
What is Pete the Cat up to during the holidays? Read along with Mrs. Nale, BSE attendance clerk, as she shares her story! Thank you @Scholastic for allowing our students and staff to enjoy this book. #bsehappyholidays #BestofBSE @SalemComSchools https://bit.ly/3nl20Cz
almost 2 years ago, Jen Lawyer
Holiday Highlight Reel and Sneak Peek of Holiday Drive-Thru--Come join us Thursday, December 17 from 6:00-7:30pm. https://bit.ly/3gO7CCI
almost 2 years ago, Jen Lawyer
The BSE holiday series is back! Join us tonight for a special bonus reading, as Mrs. Nale reads Pete the Cat Saves Christmas, & her daughter, Ms. Nale (from SHS), reads Es Nochebuena en espaรฑol! Videos will post at 7pm. Happy Holidays! #bseholidaystorytime @SalemComSchools
almost 2 years ago, Jen Lawyer
Pete the Cat
Es Nochebuena